Endeavouring To Keep the Unity of the Spirit

What is true Biblical unity, and how is it expressed? This series of articles is based on Paul's exhortation in Ephesians chapter 4 to keep the unity of the Spirit.


John 17:20,21: What is the true meaning of Jesus' words, "that they all may be one"?


1. One Body:

The unity of the members of the body of Christ.


2. One Spirit:

The Holy Spirit's work in uniting Jesus' disciples.


3. One Hope of Your Calling:

Jesus' disciples share a "living hope" for the things of eternity.


4. One Lord:

United in the correct understanding of the character of Jesus.


5. One Faith:

United in the correct understanding of Christian doctrine.


6. One Baptism:

United together in the death and resurrection of Jesus.


7. One God and Father of all:

Belonging to the family of God.