Dor Kemmyn: A Warning


If anyone has any doubts that the Churches Together and Inter-faith movements are opposed to Biblical Christianity, and must therefore be considered a work of the devil, then take a look at this website:


"Dor Kemmyn" is Cornish for "common ground.” Dor Kemmyn is an organisation based at the Anglican Diocesan House in Truro, Cornwall, England. Its aim is to bring together all faiths, and thereby supposedly promote “the future well being for everyone.” They are buliding a purpose built premises for multi-faith worship, the building will use Cornish cob (clay mixed with straw) in its construction which according to them, "is a local low-embodied energy material that has "Spiritual Mass" that talks of the right things: finite fragile Earth, Landscape, respect."


Dor Kemmyn acknowledges and affirms all religions including pagans whose brief on the Dor Kemmyn website states that "Hedge-witches" and "druids" are included!


Dor Kemmyn has an educational programme and is promoting its beliefs in schools and other places.


Friends, our churches are promoting and signifying agreement and acceptance of animism and witchcraft - perhaps 1Corinthians 6 is missing from their Bibles!


This movement, which is the logical consequence of Churches Together, and a symptom of our ‘tolerant’ society, is an outright denial of Jesus and His death on the cross for the sins of the world. As such it denies Biblical Christian faith, and in thereby promotes the lie that there are other ‘paths’ to salvation. We could understand the world promoting such an idea, but when supposedly Christian groups and churches are supporting this, we must conclude them to be apostate, and part of the preparation for the end-times harlot church pictured in Revelation 17, in which is found the blood of the saints.


The battle lines are being drawn in our nation. Those who love the truth are going to have to follow the example of Elijah on Mt. Carmel and stand up to these modern day prophets of Baal. There will be no place for sitting on the fence.


It must be very obvious to any Bible-believing Christian that there is no room in Dor Kemmyn for the Biblical proclamation of the true gospel which declares Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, that He is the only Saviour, and that there is no salvation in any other.


May the Lord strengthen those who are His and have mercy on this nation.